Welcome to Charter Wise

We aim to provide a service to companies involved in the International Sale of Goods Carried by Sea. We have acted for Trading Companies, Commodity Brokers, Cargo Underwriters and Banks as well as Shipowners.

The kind of problems that we have dealt with have been varied and includes:-

  • Sale contract disputes, and their collateral contracts such as
  • Marine Insurance Claims both for and against Cargo Underwriters and
  • Charter party disputes,
  • Bills of Lading  (including wrongly dated Bills of Lading¹)
  • General Average and salvage (preferably of cargo)
  • Letters of Credit,
  • Assisting in the preparation of submissions to arbitrations under the sale contact, which can include demurrage/despatch claims.
  • Finance Agreements.

We specialise in the release of cargo that has been blocked for any reason due to disputes, unpaid crew, General Average, ship arrest, or fraudulent documents and believe that our past record speaks for itself.

Contractual claims, and their related problems, are an important part of our work. Charter Wise seeks to provide a comprehensive range of services for Buyers and Sellers no matter what problem they encounter in their daily business.

¹See James Finaly & Co Ltd. v N.V. Kwik Hoo Tong, Handel Maatschappij [1928] All E.R. Rep 110 – COA